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Every Breath You Take

“Every Breath You Take” is sung by The Police. This song is on their album“Synchronicity” written by Sting. This song’s single got the to 36 in the U.K. Thissong is very popular in Germany and U.S.A.

In this song, a man shows his love to his ex-girlfriend. This song’s title“Every Breath You Take” is translated in Japanese “見つめていたい (I want to stareat you)”. This title tells us how deeply he loves his ex-girlfriend. We can understandhis love from this lyric, but the ex-girlfriend’s feelings are not written. I think thepart of lyrics; “Every move you make Every vow you break Every smile you fakeEvery claim you stake I’ll be watching you” make me feel he is like a stalker. Butmake, break, fake, stake are rhyme so I like this part.

This song’s video is monochrome so it is very impressive. Background is allblack and The Police’s members are playing their instruments. The rhythm ofdrums and base are very simple so the vocalist’s singing voice is conspicuous. Theyare very cool and I like this song.







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