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HENRY AND MUDGE and the Bedtime Thumps

9781442441170_p0_v1_s260x420  This ninth book of their adventures they spend a scary night together at Henry’s grandnother’s house in the country.

I like p.7 and p.8’s illustration the best in this book! The illustration is so beautiful! And my favorite scene is that they sleep outside together.They are so cute and I felt they are real best friend!

HENRY and MUDGE in the Green Time

in the Green Time Henry and Mudge enjoy a beautiful summer day together. They have a picnic in the park. Henry gives Mudge a buth. Then they have magical adventures on the green hill near their house. It’s so much fun, they hope it never ends!

They are so cute❤ They are always together. There was a trouble while they went on a picnic. But they helped each other. They enjoyed the picnic.  I like dogs, but I’m living in an apartment building, so I can’t have any pets. I envy Henry(~o~)

HENRY AND MUDGE and the Happy Cat

Happy CatOne day a very shabby cat shows up at henry’s door. Henry and his dog, Mudge, bring the cat inside and give him milk.

I was moved by reading this story. When pliceman and cat said good-bye, I feel sad, too. But the present was amazing! I like this story.

You can check the details from here.

HENRY AND MUDGE and the Long Weekend

Long Weekend Henry and Mudge are stuck inside on a yucky winter day. It is starting to look like it will be a long boring weekend, but then Henry’s mom has a great idea.

Henry’s mother’ idea is very good!Everyone enjoyed make a castle. I want to join them. And Henry and Mudge are a close friend. The story makes me relax. Why don’t you read this story?

You can check out the details from here.