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His name is John Simmons, and his hometown is New York. He was born in 1977, and he is 37 years old now. His father is a company employee and his mother is stay-at-home housewife.

He entered an elementary school near his home and when he was an elementary school student, he liked math. He didn’t have good grades, but they were also not so bad. He didn’t like to study so much and he loved play outside. He played baseball and soccer and other sports with his friends after school every day. He was very active boy.

When he become a junior high school student, he wanted to be an enginner. He was interested in math and technical arts and at the same time, he become a member of the baseball club at his school. He was very popular person in school, so he had many friends.

After he entered high school, he decided to go to a university after graduation. At the time, he wanted to be a head of company. He thought being the head of a company would be the coolest job at this was the only reason he wanted to be the head of a company. So he studied hard to enter an ecomonics department. He didn’t like study, so it is not easy for him, but he managed to pass the exam, and he entered New York university.

While he was a university student, he studied about economics and social sciences. He worked part time jobs and learned social systems. Then, he noticed the challenges of social systems and realized it is vety difficult to manage a company. But he really wanted to be the head of a company and want to devote his life to his family. He was very outgoing, ao he had many friends in university. Then, he decided to estblish a toy company with a friend of him, Tom, who also wanted to establish own company.

After graduation from university, they developed some touys, and visited many toy shops and asked them to sell thier goods. Thanks to his outgoing personality, he aould sell many toys. Finally, after 10 years, their toys are in fashion among children.



New Animal

I’ll introduce “eleffe”, which is a combination of an elefphant and giraffe. They have an elphant’s head, trunk, and feet, and a giraffe’s horns, neck leggs. Thier entire body is gray, with a giraffe’s pattern, and they bark like dogs.

They live in Africa, and feed only on grass, but we can see them in the zoo. They are quiet and composed, but very dynamic, so they are popular in the zoo. However, their looks are a little strange, because their necks are very slender, but thier heads are very big and their trunks are very large, but their legs are very thin. So some people think they are a repulsive animal.

They have some good points. First, they can run faster than elephants or giraffes. Elephants are not good at running, and giraffes can run 50 kilometers per hour. On the other hands, eleffe can run fater than 50 k.p.h, because they have the speed of giraffes and the power of elephants.

Second, they are the second biggest animal in the world (the biggest is the blue whale). They are very strong, so they are seldom attacked by other animals. In addition, they have a good immune system to diseases, they usually live a long life. So they can have a large number of young, so the number of eleffes is increasing now.

I like feeding them grass in the zoo. They are very friendly, so I like them. If you go to a zoo, why don’t you try feeding them?


              I’ll introduce you to my younger brother. My brother is seventeen years old and a third-year student at high school. He is a member of the baseball team, so he has a shaven head. He is tall, he has about 180 centimeters. He has poor eyesight, so he always wears glasses. I think he is not handsome, but he is not plain. He has ordinary looks. I think if he let his hair grow and took off his glasses, he would become a good looking guy!

              He is a very shy boy, especially when he meets a person for the first time. He is kind and hardly makes any noise, so when he plays baseball, he can speak in a loud voice, I think. And he is stubborn and straight. But he is too straight. In addition, he tends to think negatively. I think he should more relaxed and take it easy. On the other hand, my way of thinking is always optimistic. Many people say I look like him in appearance, but I don’t have the same character as he does. I agree with this.

              He is very considerate of our parents. When my mother or father catch a cold, he always notices that first, and he helps them. He is at a difficult age and there are many fights between him and our parents, but he is kind at heart. Now, he is a student preparing to take an examination, and he has his last baseball game as high school baseball club’s member in summer. So I and my parents support him and cheer for both his study and baseball practice. I want him to enjoy the end of his last high school life.


          I’ll introduce to you the peacherry. It is combination of a peach and a cherry.

          First, the good point of the peacherry is that its shape is very cute. A Pair of cherries are connected to the top of upside-down peach. The upside-down peach looks like a heart. Many women like the heart mark, and peach’s pink color and cherry’s red color are favorite colors of many girls. So the peacherry is popular with women. The second good point is the peacherry is a good omen: the couple that eats a peacherry together can be in love with each other forever, so the peacherry is popular and useful as a wedding gift.

          But there are some bad points. First, when we ship them, it is difficult to keep their right shape. A connection of peach and cherry’s combination is fragile. Second, we can’t eat the peach part and cherry part together. Usually we eat it separately, so we can enjoy just the peach’s taste and just the cherry’s taste.

This product grows on a tree. We can get many peacherries from one peacherry’s tree. The peacherry have a sweet smell, so we can enjoy the harvest season. And desserts with peacherry are in fashion now. Many popular restaurants and cake shop sell peacherry desserts.

I recommend you to try peacherry. If you like sweets, I’m sure that you like it. Why don’t you try one?


Dear hostfamly,

          Hello, my name is Anna. I’m from Los Angeles. L.A. is in California in the USA. California has many very famous places, so there are many tourists from foreign countries. Desneyland and Hollywood are always bustling. Of course, many Japanese tourist visit L.A, so I have come to be inteested in Japan.

          This homestay is my first visit to Japan. I’ll visit Japan to study Japanase and Japanese culture. I have studied Japanese since I was a junior high school student. I study hard in school and by myself, but my Japanese skill doesn’t improve very much so I decided to visit Japan and stay with you. I want to be able to speak Japanese more fluently and want to know about Japanse lifestyles, social customs and so on… I am grateful to you for giving me this homestay’s opportunity.

          I’m looking forward to visit Japan, and meeting you. But I don’t know about Japan well, so I have some questions. Is there anything I need to bring with me for the homestay? I’m especially wondering about clothing(Should I bring a jaket?). And do you have any suggestions for sightseeing? The main purpose of homestay is improving my Japanase skill, but I want to enjoy famous Japanese places. And I like Japanese unique cultures, Samurai or Bushi, so if you know somewhere I can see them, please tell me! Now, I plan to visit a temple and a shrine. I think these places show me Japanese culture. But I don’t know about the manners in temple or shrine. I wish to visit there with you so you can teach me the correct manners and how to pray. If you have any information I should know beforehand, let me know.

        I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Please say hello to your family for me.