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How’s everything going, and what are your plans for the summer vacation?


I ate a shaved ice for breakfast a short time ago (^o^)♪

I’m happy now♡

I worked a lot during the consecutive holidays.

I’m tired but  I’ll be rich next payday!

And I watched “Road of the ring”.

It was so interesting. I want to see the sequel.

I’m planning to watch the sequel during summer vacation.


How have you been?


I’m sleepy now(^o^)

And I’m hungry now(~O~)

I have four eggs in my refrigerator. Their expiration is today!!

I must eat all of them by today!


What’s up?


I’m collecting KITTY seals now.

It is put on LAWSON’s breads and Hiyashityuuka and ramen and so on.

If you eat these food, plaese give me KITTY seals.(^o^)

I have to collect 30 seals to get KITTY plate.

I have 3 seals now❤w


How are things going?

Yesterday, I worked a part time at Joyful.
When I brought three parfaits to costamers, I dropped them on the floor!!!
I made a serious mistake… I was scold.
I won’t make the same mistake again! …maybe(^o^)w
I want eyeryone to come to Joyful!

How’s everything going?


These days I’m so busy.

I have to work part time jobs, I have to do my homeworks, I have to do houseworks…

I want to sleep for more long long time!



What’s up?


This morning, I overslept!

My friend woke me up, so I was in time for my class.

But I’m sleepy now…

I want to sleep more long time!(><)



How are things?

It’s hot today.

Summer is coming.

I like summer!

How have you been?

It is raining.

My hair condition is bad. (;o;)

It is the biginning of the rainy season!

I’m worried about washing.



How’s everything going?


Yesterdey, I worked a part time job for the first time.

I was  so nervous. I dropped a spoon down on the floor.

But the shopkeeper are very kind, so I wes not scold.


How are things?


These days it is very hot!!

I like summer\(^^)/

I want to swim in the river!

Why don’t you join me?