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How are things going?

Yesterday, I worked a part time at Joyful.
When I brought three parfaits to costamers, I dropped them on the floor!!!
I made a serious mistake… I was scold.
I won’t make the same mistake again! …maybe(^o^)w
I want eyeryone to come to Joyful!


zoey School is never boring for Zoey and her friends at Pacific Coast Academy. Lola wants to be in the schoolvplay – can the cute English guy, Simon, help her with her ‘terrible’ English accent? And Zoey wants to be in the dance contest but can she find the right partner?

This is love story.  They are enjoying their school life. Chase can’t dance, but he practiced very hard for Zoey. He is Zoey’s best friend, and he likes her. So he became a good dancer! In the end, they can’t take part in the dance contest(during the contest, he was sleeping!), but they enjoyed dancing together. I envy them.

How’s everything going?


These days I’m so busy.

I have to work part time jobs, I have to do my homeworks, I have to do houseworks…

I want to sleep for more long long time!



SHREK Triple the Trouble

SHREK When Shrek and Fiona need a night out, they call Donky and Puss In Boots to babysit. How much trouble can the babies be? The babysitters find out that with three ogre babies, trouble is spelled with a capital T!

Shrek and Fiona’s three children are so strong! Taking care of them is very hard work. I was surprised that their dinner is a healthy snack of slugs and worms! Moreover, their bath is mud baths. I enjoyed reading this story. I like Surek’s story(^^)

What’s up?


This morning, I overslept!

My friend woke me up, so I was in time for my class.

But I’m sleepy now…

I want to sleep more long time!(><)



HENRY AND MUDGE and the Happy Cat

Happy CatOne day a very shabby cat shows up at henry’s door. Henry and his dog, Mudge, bring the cat inside and give him milk.

I was moved by reading this story. When pliceman and cat said good-bye, I feel sad, too. But the present was amazing! I like this story.

You can check the details from here.

HENRY AND MUDGE and the Long Weekend

Long Weekend Henry and Mudge are stuck inside on a yucky winter day. It is starting to look like it will be a long boring weekend, but then Henry’s mom has a great idea.

Henry’s mother’ idea is very good!Everyone enjoyed make a castle. I want to join them. And Henry and Mudge are a close friend. The story makes me relax. Why don’t you read this story?

You can check out the details from here.

How are things?

It’s hot today.

Summer is coming.

I like summer!