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5月, 2013のアーカイブ

Red Planet

20110111-ORT Red PlanetThe key takes Chip, Wilf, Nadim and Floppy into the computer game.

They went to the universe, and landed to red planet, and met some creatures! They enjoyed planet trip(^^) I want to go to planet!

You can check the details from here.

Roman Adventure

ProductImage-7099007A school project on the Roman leads to an interesting adventure.

This story is very interesting! If I was Roman, I would been surprised and moved at pizzas’ taste. I learned what is chariot.

You can check the details from here.


51dqmozmgfl__sl500_aa300_The flower opens in the sun. And there’s a little girl inside. The women is very happy. She call the girl Thumbelina.

This story resembles Oyayubihime. Her trip is very hard, but at last, she become happy:) But since she had gone on the trip, she has never met her mother. I think, is she happy?

You can check out details from here.

Land of the Dinosaurs

9780198465676The children are making dinosaur models when the magic begins again.

Dinosaurs are so cool! But they are fearful. I want to see the apatpsaurus.(^^) I envy the children.

You can check the details here.

The Evil Genie

The_Evil_Genie_4e9e5ac69c4b0Biff grows an apple in a bottle. But what is in the bottle she finds on a magic adventure. And what happens when she pulls out the cork?

Biff’s experiment is interesting. And the magic key is so mysterious. I want to go the adventure with them!(^o^)

You can check out the details here.

The Motorway

oxford-reading-tree-stage-7-more-stories-a-the-motorwayCan Gran stop the motorway from being built near her cottage?

This story made me think environmental problems. Thanks to rare flowers, their woodland was saved. I was moved.

You can check out the details at Oxford Reading Tree website.


We can learn not only English but also French, German, and Spanish by using iPad in LLC.

Let’s try Audiobook!

How have you been?

It is raining.

My hair condition is bad. (;o;)

It is the biginning of the rainy season!

I’m worried about washing.



The Mouse’s Wedding

ele-mouses-weddingFateher Mouse wants his daughter to marry the most powerful husband in the world. But Miss Mouse has her own ideas in this delightful folktale from Japan.

This story has a humor. Father Mouse try to marry his daughter to the sun!  Mouses are so cute!(^^) Why don’t you read this story?

You can check out the details at the USBORNE FIRST READING  website.

How’s everything going?


Yesterdey, I worked a part time job for the first time.

I was  so nervous. I dropped a spoon down on the floor.

But the shopkeeper are very kind, so I wes not scold.