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Stories of GHOSTS

stories-ghosts Dare you spend the night at a haunted hotel? Would a spooky TV set send shivers up your spine? How would you cope at a school for spirits? Put your courage to the test with this ghostly collection.

This book consists of three short story. Many ghosts play an active part in this book. I like second story the best, because a ghoust girl is very kind girl. I am very timid, but I think I can make friends with her(^^) Maybe, there are a lot of gentle and kind ghosts in the world. But I don’t want to meet ghosts, after all…


hansel_ang_gretel Hansel and Gretel are lost, and starving in the deep dark forest. Even stale bread and a acary stepmother would be better than endless trees. Then they spy a house made of chocolate and cake. Surely it’s too good to be ture…

Hensel and Gretel’s stepmother is really ruthless. They are so poor… But they are very clever! They have ruthless parents, and they are in poverty and they are left in the deep forest and encounter mean witch, but they try to live. And they become happy with their kind father fnally. By the way, I want to go to the house made by sweets♡