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Val’s Diary


School’s over at last! Summer holidays are here but who wants to apend them in the countryside? Not Val, of course! She hates the country, but eventually she’ll change her mind. Guess why! Read her diary and find out.

She tells her diary all aout herself, her moods, her emotions and her dreams. This country holiday is reallly boring and she can’t stand it, but don’t despair… something very exciting will happen soon, thanks to Luke and the others!

In this story’s heroine Val wrote her dairy every day. The biggining of this story, she hate countryside. But she encountered her family’s kind neighberhood, Mrs Perry, and very handsome boy, Luke. So she came to like this countryside gradually. However, she still wanted to return her flat, and wanted to meet her best friend, Sally. She was caught between love and friendlyship. I hope her love is going well. By teh way, I like countryside. I want to go to the Greenhill! I enjoyed this story.

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9788853604279 The story of a boy who never grew up, with his friends Wendy and the jealous fairy Tinker Bell. Why are there no Lost Girls in Neverland? What did the crocodile want to eat?

I have never read or seen Peter Pan’s story. So I want to see the Disney Peter Pan movie. By the way, I don’t want to be an adult!! (what is called “Peter Pan Syndrome”?) I envy Peter Pan! And Tinker Bell is very cute♡ I want to meet her.