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It has past half of my university school life and my volleyball game is in second set now. I lost the first set, and now 15-15 in the second set.

I entered this school and my studying hours decreased. When I was a high school student, I studied hard to enter this university. But I entered here, and I started a part time job and I entered a circle. I enjoyed my hobbies in my free time. I lived a full life but I didn’t study. I think studying is our duty as a student, so I lost the first set.

When I became a sophomore, I realized that I must study to improve my English skills. I decided to go abroad to study during summer vacation. It is a very good chance to improve my English skills. We have a lot of time in summer vacation, so I can make good use of my time by going abroad. In addition, I started as a part time of a tutor. The work is very difficult and hard. It is difficult to teach English for people who are not good at English. They don’t like English but I want them to like English. I prepare my classes for a long time and try to make my classes easy to understand. The classes are for my students, but it is good study for me, too. Then my time of studying English is increasing.

But I often oversleep and I am late for my classes. I’m not good at getting up early. In addition, I often hand in my homework after the deadline. So the second set’s score is tied now. If I overcome getting up early and hand in my homework perfectly, I will get this set. When I become a junior and a senior, I’ll study more and more, and do my best for job hunting. Then, I’m sure to win this game.



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