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The Three Little Pigs

61Vgg9VtCyL._SL500_AA300_ The three little pigs are brothes. They are going into the forest. They want to build three houses.

The first pig and the second pig are lazy, so their houses are fell down by walf’s blowing. But the third pig is clever and hard worker, so he build his house by bricks. His house is very strong so walf can’t destroy it. This story tells us importance of making a effort.

Alice in Wonderland

61HMJPhSo0L._SL500_AA300_ This is the story of a little girl called Alice. Alice wanted to go to a place called Wonderland.

I have never read Alice in wnderland, so I enjoyed reading this story for the first time. I know that there is a movie the title is Alice in wonderland which Johnny depp appears. I want to see the movie!

The Three Spinners

140_15The-Three-Spinners A long time ago, a woman and her daughter lived in a cattagein the forest. The girl worked hard.She washed the clothes, she cleaned the house and she cooked. But she didn’t want to spin the flax…

The woman is so luckey girl. She didn’t anything, but she became happy. But the three spinners are luckey, too. They will become happy. I think they will be able to live in castle, wear nice dresses, eat good foods, work as spineers.