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Viking Adventure

The Viking Adventure  (Adventures with the Glowing Key) The children find themselves on a longship aat the start of a viking adventure. Can they save the viking village when raiders attack.

I think viking are cool and strong. But I felt that civilization and technology are more stronger than them.The children could beat viking by using only torch!

Victrian Adventure


The magic keyglows and takes the children to London in the past. When they visit Buckingham Palace, they get quite a surprise.

I think Biff and Chip and Kipper learned that it is hard to work and get money. To eat supper, we have to work. And I was surprised at people’s poverty in old roma.


9780689834509_p0_v1_s260x420 In Henry and Mudge’s twenty-third adventure, they’re off for a day in the country. While Henry’s parents are buying farm-fresh food, he and Mudge enjoy meeting some friendly farm animals―but look out when they cross paths with an angry goose!

I like HENRY AND MDGE series, because Henry and Mudge are so cute and this series’ illustrations are beautiful. This story’s illustrations are especially beautiful! And in this story, Mudge plays an active part! In most of this series, Mudge is timid, or a scatterbrain, so I enjoyed reading Mudge’s activity♪


henry-mudge-first-book-cynthia-rylant-hardcover-cover-art The first book in the acclaimed easy-to-read series featuring Henry and lovable 180-pund dog, Mudge.

This story is about Henry and Mudge’s encounter. Henry had no brother and no sister and no pets. He felt lonely strongly. So his parents decided to serch a dog for him. He get a puppy and named Mudge. Then they became best friend soon! I want a dog (^^)


What was it like?

61T2721085L._SL500_AA300_The children are in a play about World War Two. They find it hard to be serious. Then the magic key takes them back in time.

I hope many children read this book. This story teach children what is war and how serious it. At first, Biff and Chips and thier friends enjoyed a play, but after taking war adventure, they realized its seriousness. I think many children don’t know  fear of war. Children should have more knowledge of war. This story suitable to learn seriousness of war for children.


61b880b45f It just keeps on raining and raining. The stream overflows and the park is flooded. What will happen if the rain doesn’t stop?

Rainning didn’t stop and the water rose in a pond of the park, so the surrounging fields were flooded. Biff and chip’s house also suffered from flood. They learnd how to take refuge, and importance of preparing for taking refuge in advance. When they came back to thier house, they were surprised that their house was so dirty! But they cleaned it up in cooperation.

The power cut

9780198483243 The children go on holiday but want to watch television and play computer games. Suddenly there is a power cut and they have to find other ways to have fun.

I was moved by reading this story. Today, mamy children love watching TV or playing video games too much. Children should play outside more. The father want his children to understand importance of doing without power. So he turn breaker off, and children have to enjoy their holiday without power. Finally, children notice that they can enjoy thier life with no power. I like this story!

Red Planet

20110111-ORT Red PlanetThe key takes Chip, Wilf, Nadim and Floppy into the computer game.

They went to the universe, and landed to red planet, and met some creatures! They enjoyed planet trip(^^) I want to go to planet!

You can check the details from here.

Roman Adventure

ProductImage-7099007A school project on the Roman leads to an interesting adventure.

This story is very interesting! If I was Roman, I would been surprised and moved at pizzas’ taste. I learned what is chariot.

You can check the details from here.

Land of the Dinosaurs

9780198465676The children are making dinosaur models when the magic begins again.

Dinosaurs are so cool! But they are fearful. I want to see the apatpsaurus.(^^) I envy the children.

You can check the details here.