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I’ll introduce “eleffe”, which is a combination of an elefphant and giraffe. They have an elphant’s head, trunk, and feet, and a giraffe’s horns, neck leggs. Thier entire body is gray, with a giraffe’s pattern, and they bark like dogs.

They live in Africa, and feed only on grass, but we can see them in the zoo. They are quiet and composed, but very dynamic, so they are popular in the zoo. However, their looks are a little strange, because their necks are very slender, but thier heads are very big and their trunks are very large, but their legs are very thin. So some people think they are a repulsive animal.

They have some good points. First, they can run faster than elephants or giraffes. Elephants are not good at running, and giraffes can run 50 kilometers per hour. On the other hands, eleffe can run fater than 50 k.p.h, because they have the speed of giraffes and the power of elephants.

Second, they are the second biggest animal in the world (the biggest is the blue whale). They are very strong, so they are seldom attacked by other animals. In addition, they have a good immune system to diseases, they usually live a long life. So they can have a large number of young, so the number of eleffes is increasing now.

I like feeding them grass in the zoo. They are very friendly, so I like them. If you go to a zoo, why don’t you try feeding them?



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