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              I’ll introduce you to my younger brother. My brother is seventeen years old and a third-year student at high school. He is a member of the baseball team, so he has a shaven head. He is tall, he has about 180 centimeters. He has poor eyesight, so he always wears glasses. I think he is not handsome, but he is not plain. He has ordinary looks. I think if he let his hair grow and took off his glasses, he would become a good looking guy!

              He is a very shy boy, especially when he meets a person for the first time. He is kind and hardly makes any noise, so when he plays baseball, he can speak in a loud voice, I think. And he is stubborn and straight. But he is too straight. In addition, he tends to think negatively. I think he should more relaxed and take it easy. On the other hand, my way of thinking is always optimistic. Many people say I look like him in appearance, but I don’t have the same character as he does. I agree with this.

              He is very considerate of our parents. When my mother or father catch a cold, he always notices that first, and he helps them. He is at a difficult age and there are many fights between him and our parents, but he is kind at heart. Now, he is a student preparing to take an examination, and he has his last baseball game as high school baseball club’s member in summer. So I and my parents support him and cheer for both his study and baseball practice. I want him to enjoy the end of his last high school life.



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