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Dear hostfamly,

          Hello, my name is Anna. I’m from Los Angeles. L.A. is in California in the USA. California has many very famous places, so there are many tourists from foreign countries. Desneyland and Hollywood are always bustling. Of course, many Japanese tourist visit L.A, so I have come to be inteested in Japan.

          This homestay is my first visit to Japan. I’ll visit Japan to study Japanase and Japanese culture. I have studied Japanese since I was a junior high school student. I study hard in school and by myself, but my Japanese skill doesn’t improve very much so I decided to visit Japan and stay with you. I want to be able to speak Japanese more fluently and want to know about Japanse lifestyles, social customs and so on… I am grateful to you for giving me this homestay’s opportunity.

          I’m looking forward to visit Japan, and meeting you. But I don’t know about Japan well, so I have some questions. Is there anything I need to bring with me for the homestay? I’m especially wondering about clothing(Should I bring a jaket?). And do you have any suggestions for sightseeing? The main purpose of homestay is improving my Japanase skill, but I want to enjoy famous Japanese places. And I like Japanese unique cultures, Samurai or Bushi, so if you know somewhere I can see them, please tell me! Now, I plan to visit a temple and a shrine. I think these places show me Japanese culture. But I don’t know about the manners in temple or shrine. I wish to visit there with you so you can teach me the correct manners and how to pray. If you have any information I should know beforehand, let me know.

        I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Please say hello to your family for me. 



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