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          I’ll introduce to you the peacherry. It is combination of a peach and a cherry.

          First, the good point of the peacherry is that its shape is very cute. A Pair of cherries are connected to the top of upside-down peach. The upside-down peach looks like a heart. Many women like the heart mark, and peach’s pink color and cherry’s red color are favorite colors of many girls. So the peacherry is popular with women. The second good point is the peacherry is a good omen: the couple that eats a peacherry together can be in love with each other forever, so the peacherry is popular and useful as a wedding gift.

          But there are some bad points. First, when we ship them, it is difficult to keep their right shape. A connection of peach and cherry’s combination is fragile. Second, we can’t eat the peach part and cherry part together. Usually we eat it separately, so we can enjoy just the peach’s taste and just the cherry’s taste.

This product grows on a tree. We can get many peacherries from one peacherry’s tree. The peacherry have a sweet smell, so we can enjoy the harvest season. And desserts with peacherry are in fashion now. Many popular restaurants and cake shop sell peacherry desserts.

I recommend you to try peacherry. If you like sweets, I’m sure that you like it. Why don’t you try one?



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